About Us

Hello I'm Helen,

I have always been passionate about candles and soaps, but got tired of the plastic packaging, chemical-heavy  and the over-priced products. So I taught myself, and then practised, practised, and practised some more, to perfect candles and soaps I am proud of. 

My passion is for natural ingredients and ecologically packaged soaps and candles, made right here in my workshop at my home in Norfolk. I make products inspired by the beautiful nature and landscape of my beloved Norfolk - the coast, the woods, the big open skies, and the flowers in my garden.

We make more than 20 different types of soap with fragrance, and some soaps with no fragrance, pure Argan oil and Goats Milk soaps.

We use a variety of oils in our soaps to create the best lather and the most moisturising bar. We use olive, castor,  certified RSPO palm , jojoba, avocado, coconut and vitamin E oils.

Most of the oils we use are also organic and from local suppliers.

All of our soaps bars weigh a minimum of 100grams

Our pure soy wax candles come in 2 sizes 150ml, and 300ml, with burn times between 25 and 55 hours. Our candles are all available in the same fragrances as our soaps.

We have recently added a range of Well Being candles, requested by some of our customers. This range has now gone one step further and we have created a beautiful range of Yoga Chakra candles,for when you are doing your exercises and your meditation. We are thrilled with the response to this product.

My mission is to make people as passionate about my soaps and candles as I am. 

Please do contact me via the website message page, if you have any queries or questions about any of our products.


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