180 gr - Burn Time 35+ hours

These beautiful soy wax candles have joined stock of products in time to celebrate the coming of Spring 2021 and to enjoy the wonderful fragrance of the Norfolk coastline and revive your spirits.

We have one size terracotta jars, that come in a beautiful white/black or black box. The terracotta enhances the warmth of the candle burn and the jar can be reused after your candle has finished.

We are making them in the 5 Norfolk fragrances we have become well known for. 


Fragrance Options
  • Trim the wick of your candle upon arrival and prior to burning. Ensure your wick is trimmed to around 3mm before each burn, for the cleanest most fragrant burn each time. Always extinguish your candle by placing something fire resistent over it to put out the flame. Do not blow your candle out as the centre of the wick continues to smoulder and spoils the fragrance of your candle long term.